4 Reasons to Consider a Commercial Elevator for Your Building

It may not seem necessary to include an elevator in your building when there are stairs available for people to use. However, depending on the setup and what kind of business you are running, a commercial elevator can be a great investment. Here are four reasons why you should consider an elevator for your building.

Safety Considerations and Disabilities

One of the main ways an elevator benefits your building is by making it accessible for individuals with disabilities, including customers and employees.  Additionally, offering an alternative to stairs limits the potential for injuries, such as falls.

Heavy Food Traffic

If your building gets very busy, an elevator can help manage traffic by quickly getting multiple people to their destination at once. This will also make it easier for people to transport large objects from floor to floor without needing to block the stairway.

Tall Buildings

Obviously, tall buildings with many floors would be very inconvenient to move through without an elevator. If your building is more than two stories tall, it is not reasonable to expect everyone who enters to walk up several flights of stairs to get to the top. In many states, it would be a building code violation for a building three stories or more not to have an elevator.

Client Accommodation

Including an elevator in your building can make a good impression on clients and customers. This is especially true if you own a residential complex or business that clients will come to often. People visiting your building will have an easier time navigating the building with an elevator and will appreciate the convenience of not having to take the stairs.

If your business is located in a tall building or regularly experiences a lot of foot traffic from staff members, clients, or people with disabilities, an elevator can help increase efficiency and morale. Contact Keystone Elevator by calling 781-277-4655 or emailing us today to explore which options will best fit your business’s needs.