Benefits of Professional Elevator Testing

Elevators are in use in your buildings virtually every day, whether it is a multi-unit residence, shopping mall, hospital, hotel, or office building. Unlike other equipment, such as copiers or computers, they require regular maintenance and detailed upkeep to meet safety requirements. Licensed specialists are critical to keeping your system running smoothly and efficiently. Most people don’t think about elevator upkeep until something goes wrong. However, there are several reasons to have a professional inspect your cabins and overall system on a regular schedule.

Meet Regulatory Requirements

Elevators in Massachusetts and throughout New England must pass routine inspections. Failing to meet the regulatory requirements can result in fines, passenger injuries, and other detrimental events. Not only must it be up to code, but it also needs a separate machine room and control room, specifically for this purpose. These areas must follow fire codes and meet independent tests with each elevator inspection.

Maintain Passenger Safety

Minor issues can become major problems quickly, creating potentially hazardous conditions for those who use it. Regular maintenance can help ensure it operates properly at all times. Not only are tenants, customers, and employees happy, but it also makes the building appear well-kept. As a result, it is more likely to be viewed positively by potential new clients, which helps the building hold or increase its value.

Get Longer Functional Life

Regularly maintained elevator systems can last for decades. Replacing parts as they begin to wear, keeping the cabin in pristine condition, and modernizing as needed can provide significant cost savings. Neglecting routine maintenance can result in complex repairs that become more frequent as the unit ages. Over time corrective and preventative maintenance is more affordable than emergency repairs or total replacement.

At Keystone Elevator, our expert technicians are trained and licensed. We have the experience necessary to guarantee proper service, repair and installation of new, as well as existing systems. Our employees stay up to date with the ever-changing codes and requirements, to provide the best service available. Call 781-277-4655 or email us to learn more about our state elevator testing, repair, and maintenance services.