Choosing the Frequency of Your Elevator Inspections

Having an elevator in your commercial building offers more convenience to your customers, clients, tenants, and other individuals who use the building. Whether someone is carrying a delivery, pushing a stroller, or in a wheelchair, an elevator can be a welcome sight when he or she needs to visit a floor other than the main level.

Did you know your elevator should be inspected on a regular basis to make sure it is safe, up to code, and working correctly? What is a regular basis? The following are some aspects that will help you choose the frequency of your inspections.

The Contract

When your elevator is initially installed, the installers will typically give you a contract that includes maintenance and inspection schedules. It’s possible a certain amount of inspections are covered in your installation cost, and it’s also possible your particular elevator will need more inspections than another. Your installer can help you determine how often to have this done.

The Model

Different elevators are made with different parts. Some are older, while others are more modern. The model of your elevator will help you determine the frequency of your inspections. A newer model may not need an inspection as frequently as an older model. A more complex model may need a more intensive schedule.

The Time

If it’s been a while since your last elevator inspection, you might get one done now simply because of the amount of time it’s been. Many experts will suggest you don’t go any longer than 12 months between inspections, and shorter depending on the first two aspects discussed above. Better safe than sorry, so if you’re not sure how long it’s been, get one scheduled as soon as possible.

Contacting the Professionals

Having your elevator in top shape at all times is one of the best ways to ensure your tenants and customers are happy and safe. Contact Keystone Elevator today by calling 781-277-4655 or emailing us to learn more about regular inspections.