Elevator Installation Is Just a Matter of Time

A new elevator in a commercial building has the ability to transform the lobby into something special. Whether it’s in an office building, shopping mall, hospital, or hotel, an elevator can be a sign of prestige and importance. How long it takes to install an elevator can depend on several factors. These include what the structure is like, how modern the building is, the type and size of the elevator being installed, and the number of installers involved.

The important thing is not to rush matters and make sure safety and quality are the guiding principles.


How High Will the Elevator Go?

An elevator installation in a building with five floors will go in a lot quicker than a building with fifty floors. In new buildings, the elevator shaft will be part of the original blueprint, making it a part of the entire building process. If the elevator is being installed afterwards, the building will have to meet specific requirements.


What Is the Installation Process?

Several steps make up the installation process. The following are a few of the important steps in the process.

  • A concrete pit will be poured
  • Fire extinguishers and a sprinkler system will be installed
  • The integration of the electrical system will have to be coordinated
  • Telecommunication lines will have to be connected


As the work goes on, all state and federal codes must be followed, with special attention to safety regulations.


What Options Are Available?

Not all elevator cars are created equal. A larger elevator built to carry freight, may take longer than a car that transports people from floor to floor. The details of the car may affect the timeframe as well, especially if the lights and control system are all customized to fit the building.


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