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Elevator Maintenance Tips For Smooth Running Elevators

Do you own a commercial building with elevators?

It’s hard to imagine a world without this form of transportation. After all, they make it possible to easily move up and down inside incredibly tall buildings.

Elevators represent a form of technology that is largely taken for granted. That’s because we’ve become so accustomed to this type of modern convenience that we don’t stop to think about them until there’s a problem.

The key to minimizing mechanical issues is to pay attention to safety regulations and be sure to service malfunctioning equipment. Keep reading to learn important elevator maintenance tips that will help prevent potential accidents.

Perform a Quick Daily Elevator Maintenance Check

The best first step is to perform a quick inspection every single day. This doesn’t need to be a complicated process. The key is to make a quick visual sweep to ensure that everything appears to be in proper working condition.

Look for obvious damage, check the buttons to make sure they aren’t sticking, and check that all lights are working properly.

Keep Your Elevators Clean

It’s crucial to keep the elevators in your building clean. That’s because a clean elevator is less likely to experience major mechanical issues. You should never clean an elevator until you know how to without damaging sensitive parts.

The best strategy is to contact a repair company for specific instructions on correct elevator service and cleaning protocol.

Inspect the Doors During Your Elevator Maintenance

Always inspect the elevator doors. In fact, you should do this every day. The key is to make sure the doors are free of any kind of damage, and that they open and close properly.

The most common signs of damage you’ll notice will be catches and dings. When you notice scratches on the inside or outside surfaces of the doors, you’d be wise to have the elevator professionally serviced as soon as possible.

Always Contact a Repair Company First

It’s never a good idea to repair malfunctioning equipment yourself. When you notice damage or the elevator doesn’t seem to be operating properly, schedule a service call immediately. This will help reduce the potential for injury or additional damage.

Avoid Using Industrial Cleaners

Professional elevator service companies understand how to clean and service elevator equipment. This includes using the proper cleaning products. Thus you should avoid using industrial cleaners that haven’t been specifically designed for elevators.

Keep a Log of Potential Problems

When you notice something that could lead to potential mechanical issues down the road, write it down in a notebook. Keeping a log of potential problems is a great way of staying ahead of them so you can schedule professional maintenance before something breaks.

A Guide to Elevator Maintenance Tips

When you own a commercial building, there’s nothing more important than maintaining a safe environment. This includes making sure the elevators in your building remain as safe as possible. These elevator maintenance tips are a great place to start.

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