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How Elevator Modernization Can Save Your Commercial Property Time and Money

Outdated commercial elevators can use as much energy in a year as a household in four months. That’s a significant energy cost for property owners and managers. Especially when such elevator systems are prone to breakdowns and safety hazards.

But elevator modernization can remedy these problems. Upgrading your elevators reduces energy consumption to save time and money in the long run. Modernization also increases your commercial property value, securing your investment for the future.

This article details the benefits of elevator modernization in commercial buildings. Read on to discover how elevator modernization can help your property today.

Improved Safety and Reliability

Outdated elevator systems are prone to breakdowns. Breakdowns don’t just lead to downtime and loss of productivity. They also pose safety hazards for passengers.

Modernizing elevators can address these issues by upgrading critical components in most types of elevators:

  • Control systems
  • Motors
  • Doors
  • Hydraulics

Updating these elevator requirements reduces the number of breakdowns. Fewer breakdowns mean fewer accidents. Thus, you can mitigate regular maintenance prices and ensure safety.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Elevators can consume a large amount of energy in commercial buildings. However, updated elevators often use advanced energy-efficient tech. This includes the following:

Regenerative Drives

Regenerative drives capture energy produced during braking. Then, they feed it back into the building’s electrical grid. This kind of energy recycling helps cut costs and energy consumption at your commercial property.

LED Lighting

Modern elevators often use energy-efficient LED lighting instead of incandescent bulbs. LED lights use less energy and last longer than classic bulbs. So, making the switch cuts maintenance costs and energy use.

Sleep Mode

The sleep mode feature of modern elevators is a game-changer for energy savings. Sleep mode can sense when the elevator is not in use. It shuts down the elevator’s interior lighting and ventilation systems during those times.

Elevator modernization via sleep mode helps cut energy bills during low-traffic periods. If no one uses your commercial elevator, it isn’t consuming energy.

Variable Frequency Drives

Variable frequency drives (VFDs) help reduce energy consumption by controlling motor speed.

Traditional elevator systems use a fixed-speed motor. This means the engine always uses the same energy to move the elevator, regardless of the load.

In contrast, elevators equipped with VFDs can vary the speed of the motor. With VFDs, the rate varies depending on the weight of the elevator car, including riders.

When the elevator car has a light load, the VFD can slow down the motor, reducing the energy needed to move the car. When the car has a heavy load, the VFD can speed up the engine to compensate for the additional weight.

By honing the elevator speed to match the load, VFDs reduce the energy needed to use the elevator. VFD-equipped elevators can reduce energy consumption by 70% compared to traditional systems.

Increased Property Value

Upgrading your elevator system can increase the value of your property. Modern elevators enhance the aesthetic appeal of the building. But they also provide better functionality and accessibility.

These features are attractive when the time comes to sell. Buyers may pay more for buildings that already have aesthetic and accessibility features. That way, they don’t have to make these upgrades on their dime.

Elevator Modernization Near Me: Trust the Experts

Elevator modernization is a smart investment for commercial buildings. New elevator technology helps building owners and managers save time and money. It also improves the safety and efficiency of commercial elevators.

At Keystone Elevator, we specialize in top-quality elevator upgrades for commercial property owners. Whether you’re on a budget or have a complex project, there isn’t anything our team can’t handle. Our experienced technicians and engineers can find a solution for your needs.

If you need elevator modernization, Keystone Elevator is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our services.