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How To Choose Your Elevator Company

Elevator Service

While you know how important it is to have an elevator that runs smoothly, you may know less about what to look for in an elevator service company. At Keystone Elevator, we understand the importance of your elevator to transportation through your commercial business. When choosing an elevator service, there are questions to ask.

How Much Experience Do You Have?

When talking to your elevator servicing company, you should feel comfortable asking about their contractors’ level of experience. All elevator contractors should have the licensing and training necessary to work in the elevator industry. Look for mechanics who have many years in the industry. The longer the experience, the more likely they have dealt with various situations similar to yours.

The elevator industry is constantly changing. Contractors need to have ongoing training to handle new products and technology.

Do You Handle Emergencies?

You can never predict when your elevator may break down. While a maintenance plan helps you avoid sudden breakdowns, you need to be prepared for anything. An elevator breakdown can shut down your business for several hours or days if you cannot find a contractor willing to help. Likewise, if you have someone stuck in the elevator, it can be a frightening and challenging experience for the guest. Ask the potential elevator service company if they handle emergencies. They should be able to give you an emergency number to help you get the elevator moving right away.

When it comes to your elevator, you need a contractor who cares about the service you receive. Poorly serviced elevators are more prone to breakdowns. At Keystone Elevator, we have been serving the Greater Boston Metro since 1995. We have the experience, knowledge, and tools necessary to keep your elevator running safely and efficiently. Contact us today to learn more about elevator repair and the maintenance options we provide.