winter elevator

How to Maintain Your Elevator in the Winter

With winter storms just around the corner, you need to prepare your building, including the elevator equipment. At Keystone Elevator, we maintain commercial elevators, no matter the season. If you’re worried about winter elevator maintenance, we have you covered.

Run Elevators Before Opening

If you have hydraulic elevators, you may want to run them before your property opens for the day. When you run the elevators up and down a few times, you can circulate the oil and warm it up. Warm oil tends to pass more smoothly and will reduce wear on your piston and valves.

Manage the Temperature in the Elevator Room

You never want your elevator room to get too cold. It would be best if you had the room remain between 45 degrees and 90 degrees. Additionally, it would help if you never let the humidity exceed 85%. When your elevator room’s temperature and humidity go outside these boundaries, you are more likely to have a malfunction.

Reinforce all Windows

Before the more challenging winter months, make sure the windows in your machine room are reinforced. You do not want the windows to blow open or for water to seep through. You may need to put plywood sheets over your windows to protect the equipment and maintain the elevator’s temperature.

Invest in Weather Stripping and Entrance Mats

To protect your machine room, you need to check the seals around the doors and windows. If you have any damaged areas, you should replace or repair the stripping before the winter weather worsens. In addition, make sure you have entrance mats that catch rock salt and sidewalk deicers from being tracked into the elevator.

Make Preparations for High Water

During heavy rain or thawing, park the elevators near the center of the shaft to prevent water damage. If water accumulates in the pit, you can keep the cab away from the water. Submerging travel cables or the cab in water can lead to extensive repairs.

Keystone has serviced the Boston area for over 20 years. We understand the importance of a safe, functioning elevator, no matter what the weather looks like outside. Contact us by calling 781-277-4655 or email us today to learn how to care for your elevator!