Is Your Elevator Maintenance Up to Date?

There is no worse time to realize you are behind on elevator maintenance than when you have a liability issue. This may include a customer getting stuck in an elevator or someone tripping and falling after the elevator fails to level. There are a lot of potential risks with unsafe elevators and maintenance is a lot less expensive than the potential lawsuits they might lead to.

Sometimes even keeping up with routine maintenance might not be enough to keep your elevators safe. The maintenance that kept it in shape 20 years ago might not work today. Here are some signs to watch out for.

Overheating Machinery

At some buildings, overheating is such a risk that security officers get tasked with checking the machine rooms while patrolling the floors. Doing this several times throughout each shift helps to provide an early alert to management that something is amiss, so they can call the engineers or elevator maintenance crew to resolve the issue.

Long Wait Times

How long do elevators take to recall for emergencies? Do they all recall with the emergency switch? Have tenants and customers been complaining about long wait times? Check the elevator speed on a regular basis so you can note when each cab begins to take longer than usual.

High Energy Use

If you managed a building before of comparable size with newer elevators, you may have noticed the energy bill was lower. That’s because newer elevator systems are roughly 74% more energy-efficient than older ones. When companies start looking for new ways to cut costs and become more efficient, modernizing is one option to consider.

Frequent Breakdowns

Long before an elevator traps someone behind its doors, it may experience frequent breakdowns. It may not recall at all to the lobby area in emergency mode or may simply stop functioning altogether. This is an indication that something needs to be done and soon.

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