Commercial Traction Elevator Systems

  • Traction Elevator SystemOur geared and  gearless traction elevator systems provide quality vertical transportation for thousands of commercial clients  throughout New England.
  • Our elevator  systems meet and exceed the highest industry standards for quality and safety.
  • Our  pre-engineered geared and gearless traction elevator systems provide user-friendly  solutions for buildings of any size: low rise, mid rise and high rise
  • We offer the most popular sizes,  capacity ranges and speeds as well as custom sizes and capacities
  • Our commercial traction elevator systems incorporate the latest  generation of hoisting machinery and the most advanced controller technology  available
  • Our customers  boast about our hassle-free installation services and our reputation for  providing a superior product.
  • We offer green  solutions that include using environmentally-friendly oils and meeting  power-saving requirements.
  • We are certified  by the Department of Public Safety.