Solid Tips for Budgeting for Your Elevator


Having a quality elevator in the greater Boston metro area puts your company in a special class. A certain prestige comes with the services of a fine-tuned elevator, but there are potential challenges, too. The lucid budgeting for a new elevator and its upkeep as well as maintaining an older system, depends upon a few proven principles.

At Keystone Elevator, we are here to help you gain clarity on getting the best value for your system. This is true whether you own or manage a mall, hospital, or commercial office building.

A Few Words on Installation

If you are in the market for a new elevator, many factors must be considered. To get the right unit for your building, consider the complete package:

  • The purpose of the elevator
  • The frequency of use
  • The weight of the loads
  • The ADA requirements
  • The aesthetics and ride quality

The cost of a new system depends upon the price of equipment, labor, fees, and taxes. Other expenses include working with architects and electricians and making sure all regulatory codes are followed. Part of the budgeting process includes estimating the lifecycle of the elevator.

Some Advice on a Maintenance Plan

Part of the cost of operating an elevator is maintenance. A regular plan keeps the system operating and ensures the safety of its riders. Keystone Elevator can put together a maintenance schedule based on the type of equipment you have. This gives you a good idea of your expected costs and provides a reliable tool for budgeting. It will also save you money in the long run by avoiding emergency repairs.

When you rely on Keystone Elevator for your elevator needs, you know you are receiving service from expert technicians. We have been in operation in the Boston area since 1995, providing the full array of services for your vertical transportation needs. Contact us to get the full value of your elevator system.