slow elevator door

Solving the Problem of Slow Elevator Doors

Your patrons, guests, clients, employees, and other visitors don’t like to wait long on elevator availability. The problem of delay can be compounded when the elevator doors are slow-moving. It is dangerous to ignore slow doors, as it could signify a more significant malfunction. While you should call Keystone Elevator to tackle your elevator problems, some possible issues and resolutions may be appropriate.

New Elevator Assemblies

An elevator is assembled and installed on-site, so if a new elevator is experiencing trouble with the doors, it could be a problem with the assembly or installation. Disconnects between the floor door and the movement of the car door cause doors to open slowly, and it could be an issue with the door locks. Installation engineers have a manual from the elevator design company, but discrepancies can still occur. Keystone Elevator can address and remedy these concerns.

Old Elevator Systems

If the doors on an older system open slowly, look at the horizontal groves above and below the door. If debris, dust, rust, or other unwanted objects are clogging the grooves, it can cause a delay. Clean the grooved thoroughly. An integrated circuit in the elevator may have shorted or become faulty, in which case it would need to be replaced or repaired. There are times when turning the elevator off and on again can help recircuit the system correctly, but any electrical concerns should be left to the professionals.

Look for signs of rust on the door panels, as these can also hinder efficient opening. Older elevators can lose their shine and develop rust quickly, making a metal refinishing job possible.

Solve the Problem

Recurring issues with an elevator could signal unwanted friction between the various components. Keeping up with routine maintenance can help prevent these issues and address any others causing your doors to open slowly.

Keystone has serviced the Boston area for over 20 years. We understand the importance of a safe, functioning elevator, no matter what the weather looks like outside. Contact us today by calling 781-277-4655 or emailing us to find out how we can care for your elevator!