ABCs of an Elevator Upgrade

Your elevator is fine as long as the doors close and it goes up and down, right? Not necessarily. Your current elevator could be lacking in safety measures or style. Making an elevator upgrade is a great idea under such circumstances, but you’ve got to make sure you do the job right.

Know Whether You Need an Upgrade

First, you should determine your overall need for an elevator upgrade. The best way to do this is to familiarize yourself with the latest safety codes. You can also have your elevator professionally inspected, which is a yearly requirement. Be sure to ask the inspector if they would recommend an upgrade.

Considerations to Ponder

If your elevator is at least 10 years old, you should most certainly look into upgrading it. People can likely tell your elevator is aged by its overall appearance, and they are likely to base its overall safety on this examination. Something else to think about is the benefit of opting for non-proprietary parts. With them, you aren’t limited to using only a single vendor for maintaining your upgraded elevator in the long run. The main disadvantage of proprietary parts is that you have no choice but to accept the prices and services specific vendors charge and offer.

More to Gain Than You May Understand

Besides looks and overall safety, there is much more to enjoy with a newer elevator. For instance, newer elevators smooth out vibration and noise, making for a much more comfortable experience. Additionally, an upgrade is likely to ascend and descend smoother, keeping everyone inside at ease. Finally, just like a new car, a new elevator doesn’t need as much maintenance as an older model. This can go a long way in saving you money.

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