Three Ways Modernizing Your Commercial Elevator Could Save You Money

Commercial Clients

There are a lot of benefits that come with elevator modernization. This includes increasing property value, improving safety, and increasing traffic flow within the building. Did you know elevator modernization can also save you money? The following are three upgrades you might consider in order to do so.

Installing Digital Controllers

Digital controllers are constantly scanning and assigning activity within the machine to make the elevator more efficient. When you have smart controllers, energy consumption is often greatly reduced. Everyone knows reduced energy means reduced energy bills.

Replacing the DC Motor to an AC Motor

Again, there is less energy used when you complete certain repairs, including using an AC motor instead of a DC motor. Less energy and higher efficiency mean less in energy costs. The power factor correction will also make your energy bills reduced. AC motors reduce the amount of heat put out, which means your air conditioning unit won’t have to work as hard to cool the building. In turn, you experience more energy cost savings.

Replacing the Motor Drive

You’ll have better luck and more savings with an AC motor drive than you will with a DC drive. AC drives only consume power while the elevator is actually running, rather than at all times like the DC. With the AC motor drives, you can utilize regenerative drives, which puts more power back into the building. Similar to replacing the motor itself to an AC, replacing the drive also produces less heat, which reduces overall energy consumption with the building’s air conditioning system.

Getting Started

Older elevators might work well, and their components may have been right for the time they were built, but there are some modernizing techniques you can implement to save money. Making your elevator more efficient sets off a wave of reactions that allow you to save in other areas as well. To learn more about modernization, or to get started with your elevator, contact Keystone Elevator by calling 781-277-4655 or sending us an email today!