What to Do When You’re Stuck In an Elevator

Elevator Call Button For Emergencies

Getting stuck in an elevator is a rare occurrence, but it does happen. If you find yourself in this situation, there are some things you should know so you make the right moves.

Press the Emergency Button

Every elevator has an “emergency” or “alarm” button. When the elevator gets stuck, push that button first. It will notify someone who can then handle the situation from there. If there is anything the property manager can do, he or she can get it done now that they are aware. If it requires emergency personnel, they can be notified.

Stay Calm

Getting upset is only going to make the situation worse. When people get excited about something, they often act irrationally. Stay as calm as you can. If you are claustrophobic or have other anxieties, close your eyes and practice some slow breathing. Staying calm will also help others in the elevator to stay calm as well.

Get Out of the Way

When emergency workers or an elevator repair person arrive to open the elevator door, you should move out of the way. If there is space, you and everyone in the elevator should move toward the opposite side of the doors.

Leave the Doors Alone

You might be tempted to try and pry the doors open on your own, but that could cause more damage to the elevator, making it harder to open eventually. If someone does pry it open and the car begins to move again, someone could fall out and get injured.

Keeping Your Elevator in Good Shape

If you are a property owner or manager who is responsible for an elevator, it’s important you keep it in good shape so you can avoid this situation altogether. Contact Keystone Elevator by calling 781-277-4655 or sending us an email for elevator service today.