elevator maintenance

Why Invest in Elevator Maintenance

In the hustle and bustle of day-to-day business operations, it is normal to forget about the things that become routine. Most business managers or owners do not give much thought to their elevator maintenance plan, but failing to focus on elevator maintenance is a critical safety mistake. Here at Keystone Elevator, we understand that there are many reasons elevator maintenance is important, and here are a few of them.

1. Consumer and Employee Safety

An elevator is an expected piece of machinery in multi-floor establishments. Consumers and staff don’t typically give too much thought to their operation or how often they’re maintained. To most clients and employees, the elevator just does what it does. They expect it to open when they press a button and carry them to the desired floor without issue. Unfortunately, if an elevator is not in optimal condition, problems can occur, like malfunctioning doors or getting stuck between floors. By working with us to create a maintenance solution that works for you and your establishment, we can ensure that your elevators remain fully functional and in pristine condition.

2. Less Managerial Concern

Preventive maintenance equals peace of mind. Business operations take up enough of an owner’s or manager’s time. Those additional precious hours worrying about preventable elevator repairs when an elevator is shut down can dramatically affect business operations until fixed.

3. Cost Efficiency

While a majority of elevator repairs are inexpensive, especially when they are corrected right away, when problems are left to fester, repairs can become exceedingly expensive. It’s a compounding effect that is better avoided. When choosing to work with our company, we create a maintenance strategy so that any potential problems are dealt with when they are still minor issues.

If you would like to get ahead of any potential elevator problems, do not hesitate to contact a Keystone Elevator technician and schedule an inspection. Our technicians are both certified and qualified to assess any potential mechanical issues and provide you with a proposed maintenance schedule. Call 781-277-4655 or email us today to learn more.