maintain elevators

Why Is It So Important to Maintain Elevators?

When an elevator is not working properly it is a major inconvenience, and some people may not be able to access certain floors of your building without it. It is vital to maintain elevators by scheduling routine maintenance and have a professional inspect the machinery. By doing this in your building, you reap several benefits.

You Prevent Frequent Repairs

Elevators rely on numerous components to work properly. If even one of these parts breaks down then the unit becomes inoperable. You do not want to have to put an “Out of Order” sign on your elevator even once. With routine maintenance, you avoid breakdowns because of a licensed professional that looks for anything that could cause problems.

You Guarantee Safety

Although elevator accidents are rare, they have been known to happen. People sometimes get seriously hurt if they are inside an elevator when it suddenly stops working. In certain cases, some people have spent hours inside an elevator until the proper authorities could let them out. This is especially concerning if someone needs medical attention and shows how important it is to maintain elevators in your building to prevent accidents. Without professional elevator maintenance, you could open your business up to lawsuits if a similar situation happens in your building.

You Prolong the Lifespan of the Elevator

Most elevators are designed to last about 20 years before they need to be replaced. Although that seems like a long time, you might get even longer use out of your elevator if you properly maintain it. With regular maintenance, there is no reason why your elevator would not be able to last 25 or 30 years. A total replacement is expensive, so you save your business a lot of money by repairing instead of replacing.

To schedule routine testing, inspecting and repairing, get in touch with the experts at Keystone Elevator. Contact us today at 781-277-4655 if it has been a while since your elevator has been serviced. With our help, your elevator will operate as it should, and continue getting people where they need to be within your business.