Why Your Commercial Property Needs an Elevator


While having an elevator in a commercial building may be standard for many businesses, some buildings do not have one. For some, elevators are a necessity, and even when they are not, all businesses can benefit from an elevator.

How Accessible Is Your Building?

When designing a building, you need to consider accessibility for passengers. Some passengers require another means of access to travel between floors. By adding an elevator, it will provide both the elderly and other riders who struggle with stairs another option.

In addition to those who require accessibility options, you are less likely to appeal to clients or guests if they have to climb several sets of stairs to reach the floor they need. Visitors and employees of your building appreciate elevator travel. Likewise, an elevator makes it easier for your clients to find their way around the building as each floor has clear labeling. With only stairs, it’s easier to get lost.

How Quickly Can Individuals Travel?

Your commercial property will benefit from having less traffic on the stairways. If you have too many people traveling between floors, it can be difficult to get to one place or another quickly with all the congestion.

If your employees have to run up and down the stairs all day, they will be exhausted. Even the most active people become tired when going up and down throughout the day; especially if the departments are split by floors. In addition, rushing when using stairs can be dangerous. An elevator solves the problem when someone needs to travel quickly between floors without injury.

If you have a building that has several floors, then an elevator should be a must-have. At Keystone Elevator, we understand the importance of an elevator in your commercial building. Contact us today to find out how we’ve helped clients in the Greater Boston Metro.