Elevator Doors: What if the Elevator Takes too Long to Open?

elevator doors opening

A slow, sluggish elevator can be frustrating for passengers. It can also highlight deeper problems with your elevator system. If your elevator doors open slowly, there may be a major problem behind it. Over time, these issues will increase in severity if you do not have them repaired.

Errors With the Installation of the Door Operator

If you had someone else install your door operator, you could be facing issues because of it. If your former contractor did not follow the manual, it can lead to sluggish door movement. This is typically a problem with newly installed elevators. The operator has several components and any disharmony can be a problem. We can do a step-by-step adjustment exercise to diagnose the problem. This typically involves closing the door fully, reattaching the connecting link, turning the drive sheave, and manually opening the doors. Once the problem is diagnosed, we can fix it.

Issues With the Door Drive or Door Control

The door drive or door control is what regulates the door operator. Most elevators nowadays have an integrated-circuit powered door control system. When someone presses the call button, it is recorded in the integrated-circuit and causes the door to open or close. If there is a problem with the drive control, we can repair or replace it for you.

Complications From Ignoring the Problem

If you ignore the problem, it won’t just go away. Any unnecessary friction can damage the door operator. Eventually, the door may stick or refuse to open at all. One of the worst-case-scenarios is that someone becomes trapped inside the elevator because you didn’t repair or maintain the door drive or operator. Also, any delays to your door opening can result in higher electricity consumption.

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