Modernize Your Elevator In Phases

Most people fear the day that their elevator breaks down. If you focus on repairs and elevator modernization, you may never have to worry about that. To make modernization more affordable, consider phasing it in rather than doing it all at once. If you need to upgrade your cab’s interior, but the elevator has no other issues, you can focus on that first. Generally, you do not have to do everything right away.

How to Upgrade Hydraulic Elevators

If your building has less than ten floors, then you probably have a hydraulic elevator. Hydraulic elevators work using a piston and a jack to move from floor to floor. In a hydraulic elevator, you can upgrade different components at different times. You may choose to work on the controls or the interior and focus on other elements later.

How to Upgrade Traction Elevators

If you have a traction elevator, you should expect to upgrade it more often. Cleanings and inspections have to be completed regularly, and the cost of your upgrades will depend on how many repairs you require at any given time. You can focus on smaller elements of a traction elevator. For instance, you may focus on the controls and leave the hoisting machine for a later date.

How to Obtain Appropriate Permits

If you choose to modernize your elevator, you must have regular inspections and the proper permits in place to do so. Even smaller upgrades require permits. Fortunately, when you use a contractor, you do not have to worry about obtaining the appropriate permits for the job. Licensed contractors can make sure that everything with your elevator modernization is above board.

Elevator modernization does not have to happen all at once. Instead, you can focus on a variety of different elements and slowly modernize them. At Keystone Elevator, we service commercial buildings in the Greater Boston Metro. To find out more about elevator modernization, call 781-277-4655 or send us an email!