Elevator Decommissioning: Why, When, and How

Elevator decommissioning is a complex job that requires specialists who understand the legal regulations associated with the process. Decommissioning and removing an unused elevator or model that’s in disrepair necessitates removing cabs, rails, wiring, the hydraulic system, and more. Keystone Elevator specializes in elevator services that include elevator decommissioning. We manage all the permitting that’s required by the Department of Public Safety as well as each aspect of the job, ensuring that your elevator’s decommissioning is compliant with safety laws. If you need your commercial elevator disconnected and removed, contact Keystone Elevator and let our elevator experts handle the job. 

Why Does Your Business Need to Decommission Its Elevator?

Decommissioning an elevator refers to the regulated process of dismantling and removing an elevator and its parts. Businesses or organizations that wish to remove a commercial elevator must hire a licensed elevator service that specializes in elevator decommissioning and procure the proper permits for the job per legal requirements. 

Commercial property owners might elect to remove an elevator from service for various reasons. The elevator may not be used enough to warrant its continued service. It might be old and in disrepair. Sometimes a property owner chooses to remove an elevator during remodeling projects or before installing a replacement elevator. 

No matter the reason for removing your elevator, Keystone Elevator will properly dismantle and dispose of your elevator’s parts by the current legal code. Elevator decommissioning requires careful attention to regulations to ensure safety. We’ll manage all aspects of the decommissioning process, allowing customers to rest assured that their elevator’s removal is in safe, capable hands. 

Elevator Decommissioning: Developing a Removal Plan

When your business contracts with Keystone Elevator for elevator decommissioning service, we’ll visit your premises to inspect your elevator and develop a plan for its decommissioning. Our specialists will carefully evaluate the job in association with proper procedures and elevator decommissioning regulations. After developing our plan, we’ll go over each detail with you and discuss the timeline and schedule for the job. If there are any special considerations or tasks, we can go over them before we begin the removal process.

Elevator Dismantling and Removal

The elevator dismantling and removal tasks are all part of proper commercial elevator decommissioning. Trust our elevator specialists to remove the car, rails, wiring, controllers, and other parts during the removal process. We also remove the hydraulic oil, oil lines, and tanks as part of our decommissioning service. All electrical and mechanical systems must be properly dismantled before they can be removed. We also your elevator’s doors as part of the decommissioning requirements to ensure public safety. 

Customers trust Keystone Elevator for elevator decommissioning as well as elevator installation and repair. We have a reputation for providing elevator service to all types of businesses and organizations. If you need to remove an existing elevator from your premises, contact us to discuss our elevator decommissioning service.