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Elevator Maintenance Proposals: What To Look For

When shopping around for elevator maintenance contractors, one offer might begin to sound very much like another. In some cases, it might appear that price is the only difference. However, there are some key variations to watch out for between proposals.

Maintenance Frequency

How often is the company proposing to visit your property and maintain your elevators? Ideally, they arrive at a number only after taking a look at your elevators or asking for information about them. Different types and ages of elevators require different maintenance schedules, so they should provide one that matches those specific needs.

Emergency Provisions

What happens if someone gets stuck in the elevator or all the elevators suddenly stop working? Will the company provide 24/7 assistance, or will you need to wait until business hours to get help? If your building opens early or remains open throughout the night, not providing 24/7 service could be a dealbreaker for you.

Level of Service

One factor that will determine emergency provisions is the level of service provided. Three main levels exist in the elevator maintenance industry. The first involves greasing and oiling the elevators. The second involves the provision of full maintenance. Finally, some contractors provide extended full maintenance. Regardless of what label a company provides, be sure to ask for details on what they mean, as details can vary across companies.

Contract Cancellation

What happens if another company offers you a deal you can’t turn down, or what if you find the service provided unsatisfactory? Do you have to wait out the full contract, or can you provide notice and walk away? Be sure to review all of this in the contract cancellation. If the contractor does not initially provide this information, be sure to ask.

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