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Top Issues Found in Routine Elevator Maintenance

If you want to keep your elevators functioning properly, then you need to make sure that you have routine maintenance performed. The routine inspections are not only for preventative measures. In fact, these inspections can highlight larger problems that may occur later on. The earlier you catch a problem, the more likely you are to fix it before it becomes too costly. If you maintain your elevator, it increases its longevity while saving you money. Even with routine maintenance, here are some of the most common problems that professionals catch.

Sheave Problems

Your elevator sheaves suspend the elevator and carry it. These sheaves may become worn over time and this will put extra wear on the ropes. If you take care of the problem early enough, then you shouldn’t have to deal with hoist rope failures.

Power Problems

Elevators use up a large supply of power. If you make any changes to the building’s utility system, it can affect the motor and lead to elevator damage. You can have a power quality survey done to figure out if the elevator received over or under voltage. It’s crucial that you prevent burnout of any system components.

Bearing Problems

The bearings are important to the motor. A sign of bearing malfunction is noisy bearings. If you install inductive absorbers or replace the bearings, you can prevent currents from forming. Likewise, it keeps your energy costs low.

Oil and Lubricant Contamination

Elevator systems need oil and lubrication to run properly. However, it is possible for metal particles to make their way into the liquids due to wear. When you receive professional maintenance, they will check the metal levels and replace them if there are any potential problems.

When it comes to elevator maintenance, you need to stay up to date on it. Routine maintenance is crucial to the longevity of your elevator, not to mention, maintenance keeps small problems from growing. To keep up with regular maintenance, contact Keystone Elevator by calling 970-409-1245 or sending us an email today!