Understanding the Life Cycle of an Elevator


Elevator Life Cycle Factors 

Elevators come in a variety of styles, types, and models. These differentiating factors may affect the elevator’s maintenance requirements and overall life cycle. However, despite the differences, there are ways to increase the life cycle of all elevators.

How Modernizing Affects the Life Cycle

If you want your elevator to last, you need to have regular maintenance performed. If you don’t invest in regular maintenance, your elevator’s expected life cycle will decrease drastically. An elevator that is expected to last 20 years may now last only 15. While regular maintenance will keep your elevator in working order, it is not always enough to prevent the technology from becoming obsolete. This is where modernization comes in. Modernization is a great option when your elevator needs more than just repairs but hasn’t quite reached its end. Modernization allows you to upgrade your elevator by replacing any outdated components.

How Inspections and Maintenance Plans Make a Difference

Work with your elevator service provider to manage your elevator’s life span. We perform inspections, create maintenance plans, and upgrade an elevator whenever it begins to lose its efficiency. Without a maintenance plan, your elevator is a mystery. There may be seemingly small problems that go unnoticed, but over time they will grow into large, costly problems.

How the Environment Damages Elevators

One of the many things that can affect your elevator is the elements. If moisture finds its way into your elevator, it can result in severe water damage, mold, or rot. Water can completely sabotage any metal structure and mechanical device. Other elevators, such as hydraulic elevators, are vulnerable when it comes to seismic activities and harsh temperatures.

Servicing the Greater Boston Metro, we provide elevator service to office buildings, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, and more. If you invest in maintenance and modernization for your elevator, you can push the lifespan far beyond the typical 25 years. Start extending the life of your elevator today by contacting Keystone Elevator.